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Experience living in the moment and with intention.


Living Art

Climb on board an Art car and experience the interactivity of creativity.

Escape FallOUT has been cancled

October 6 -10, 2022

Due to the extended Burn Ban we are incredibly dissapointed to announce that Escape FallOUT has been cancled. We regret the inconvenience and hope we get to see you all next your and also at the Makers Festival.

Escape FallOUT - Centerville, WA


Experience the interactivity, the creativity and the playfulness of the artists. From LEDs to fire to interactive puzzles, art to remember, art to experiecne and connect with. If you are bringing art please register and tell us how we can help get you there!

Music and Dance!

From sound camps to art to art cars, you'll find all teh music your dancing feet can handle. If you want to bring music please register and let us know so we know where to put you.

Theme Camps

The heart beat of the festival community! Theme camps from all over will join the festival and bring their fun. Play camps, family camps, adult camps, crazy idea camps, sound camps... Explore and interact.


There are benefits to helping make this event happen!

Volunteer to help make FallOUT a success. There are many perks and benefits for your support. You also get the satisfaction of knowing you made this all happen.

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